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It has been one year since I’ve decided to learn how to code and today I will be writing about my journey from where I started and where I’m at today.
There has been many ups and downs along the way but ultimately, I’m glad I made that choice and how much I’ve learned.

I remember when I was seven years old, my uncle had come to visit and he saw how bored I was at my grandma’s house. He then asked me You done with your homework?, I replied with You think grandma would let me sit around if…

A how-to guide on building out Pong with nothing but HTML,CSS and JS.

Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

As I am a recent software graduate, I have been busy spending my time applying to jobs, networking and learning new technologies. This weekend I decided to do something fun and stay relatively productive to my job search so I built a pong game using vanilla JS and I had a BLAST doing it.

I documented the code from start to finish so I can share with my fellow devs that loves to game like I do and created this guide if you want to learn how…

Intro guide to using TS with React

As i’ve said before said before using typescript with pre-existing projects can be a hassle due to the need of going back through the whole app to declare typing but if you are a React dev like me, here’s a quick guide on using TypeScript with React.

This guide might not be for everyone since this is only for React developers but if you are a React dev and want to learn Typescript, you can check out my previous guide on typescript basics.

Is TypeScript the future of JavaScript? …

What you need to know about the upcoming Ethereum upgrade

As a coder and a blockchain enthusiast, I want to briefly write about the upcoming upgrades to the Ethereum network. If you are interested but don’t really know anything Blockchain, you can check out my previous post here if you want a quick explanation on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

What it is

ETH 2.0 aka project “serenity” is a set of upgrades to the Ethereum network to make it more scalable, more secure and more energy efficient as well.

Currently Eth can only supports around 15 transactions per second which is already twice the…

Exploring TypeScript and why it’s popular.

Photo by Fotis Fotopoulos on Unsplash

As a recent Software Engineering graduate. I see more and more companies are seeking TypeScript experience on their job listing and today I will get into a brief explanation of what TypeScript is and why employees are seeking for TypeScript developers.

What is TypeScript?

TypeScript is a programming language designed by Microsoft in 2012, it originated from the shortcomings of JavaScript development for large scale applications. TS(TypeScript) is basically a superset of Javascript that adds optional static typing to specify objects in programming. TS uses a compiler to compile TS code into JS(JavaScript). Due to the added…

Visiting some must know Terminal Commands for Mac Developers

-Photo cred: Apple Insider

Welcome to another how to article! A lot of you guys are enjoying this format, so today I will go into my top 10 favorite terminal commands for Mac users.

As developers it’s becoming more and more user friendly as newer frameworks and programming languages are introduced every year but we cannot forget our trusty built in command line terminal.

Change Directory

Command: cd "path" or "path/subpath"

By default your terminal will open in your root directory. To change your directory, you simply use the cd command. …

Beginner’s guide on Sassy CSS

What is Sass?

I’ve been using SASS recently and I love how syntactically friendly it is for me to write CSS now and I hope this guide will provide you a basic understanding of SASS and get you over to the clean side.

SASS stands for Syntactically Awesome Style Sheet. It is a stylesheet pre-processor language that is an extension of CSS that takes your input data and spit it back out into plain CSS.

Must know shortcut for developers using VSCode.

Photo by Mohammad Rahmani on Unsplash

It’s been almost a year since I’ve started coding and I’ve picked up a few VScode shortcuts that I think helps me save a TON of time when coding and today I will share my favorites in hopes it can help you save lots time as well.

I primarily code on my Mac so If you are on Windows, you can still use these commands but you just have to switch out CMD for your WIN key and OPT would be your ALT key.

Toggle Side bar


Beginner’s guide to NodeJS


During my time at the Flatiron School, I learned JavaScript for the front-end and Ruby on Rails for the back-end but recently I’ve picked up NodeJS for the backend and I’m really enjoying it since it allows me to use JavaScript for Full stack development. So bye bye errors when remembering the wrong syntax due to switching between languages.

NodeJS is an asynchronous event-driven Javascript Runtime environment that uses Google’s Chrome engine(V8) to compile JS into machine code that can be ran on a variety of the most popular Operating Systems such as MacOs, Windows, and…

A simple guide on React hooks

Photo by Ferenc Almasi on Unsplash


I love React hooks. When I was enrolled in Flatiron School, Hooks was not part of the React curriculum yet but after I graduated I had some underclassman tell me they are learning hooks in their React JS class.
After doing a little research, I was immediately hooked… no pun intended.
So today, I will be sharing some React JS knowledge.


Hooks were introduced in React v16.8.0. My favorite thing about Hooks is that they are able to provide state to functional component rather than class component which makes your app way faster due…

Steven Wu

I’m a NYC based full stack developer and a part-time gaming nerd

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